The Employer's Role

Definition: Employer - means an Education and Training Board (ETB) for vocational schools/community colleges, community national schools and a Board of Management/Manager in the case of primary (excluding community national schools), voluntary secondary, community and comprehensive schools. The ETB or Board of Management/Manager may delegate as appropriate, responsibility for matters set out in relevant Leave Scheme Circulars.

As an employer it is essential that you understand what your role is and your responsibilities for occupational health and safety issues in the school environment.

In short, it is essential to ensure:
  1. Teachers and SNAs are medically fit to carry out their duties.
  2. That they remain capable and medically fit.
  3. That the health, safety and well-being of staff and students are safeguarded.
  4. That your school complies with all legislative requirements including health & safety and disability discrimination legislation.
  5. That a consistent quality and standard of education is delivered to all by those for whom there is a responsibility in so far as medical fitness.

As part of satisfying these requirements you as an employer should seek specialist advice from us on the medical fitness for employment of all teaching & SNA staff who you intend to employ.

This includes:

  1. Seeking advice from us in relation to those who have suffered significant illness or injury to ensure that they are medically fit to return to their duties.
  2. Identifying concerns regarding an individual’s apparent lack of medical fitness resulting in performance issues at an early stage, investigate fully and speedily, seek appropriate advice including occupational health advice and determine necessary actions to be taken.
  3. Inform employees of arrangements for occupational health advice.
  4. Ensure that employees are aware of their responsibility for the health and safety of students.

For advice and assistance with this area contact us at local 021-4550455 or email:

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