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If you have been referred for nurse case management, an occupational health advisor will telephone you. The purpose of this call is to conduct an independent assessment of your health in relation to your work.

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions in relation to this service:

Why do I have to have a telephone assessment?

You have been referred to the occupational health service, Medmark, by your employer to undertake an independent assessment of your health in relation to your work.

Who will telephone me?

You will be called by an Occupational Health Advisor, that may be an occupational physician or specialist nurse practitioner whose area of interest is work, health, ability and disability and any circumstances where work and health interfere with each other.

What is involved in a Telephone Assessment?

It is likely that the Assessor has been sent a referral note by your employer asking him/her to address certain issues relating to your health and fitness for work. They will start by requesting your consent to conduct the telephone assessment. Please read the consent information below so that you are fully informed. Then, the assessment may start by discussing your role and your occupational history. The assessor may enquire about your personal and medical history and proceed to assess your current clinical condition and work absence. This information will form the basis of a report to your employer advising on the extent of any incapacity or disability and its impact on your fitness for work.

What about confidentiality of my medical history?

You can tell the assessor anything you like during this assessment and you may be reassured that confidential information will not be disclosed to your employer without your consent. However, with your permission the assessor may provide limited medical information which may extend to naming your condition in circumstances where the diagnosis has already been disclosed to your employer or where some understanding of the nature of the condition may assist in managing your situation at work. The assessor is allowed to express an opinion as to whether you are fit or unfit to attend work or meetings, and to advise on any restrictions or modifications that should be placed on your work.

Will I need to attend in person for a medical assessment?

In some instances, it may be necessary for the assessor to book you in for a face to face assessment.

What format will the report take?

The assessor will write a report to your employer that will include relevant information about your medical condition, recommendations regarding your fitness for work and likely timescale of return to work and any adjustments/restrictions required. This will help your employer to know how to accommodate your needs in the workplace. The report may also endeavour to answer any specific questions that have been asked by your employer.

Can I have a copy of the report?

Yes, in almost all circumstances you are entitled to receive a copy. Under the 2018 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) you will need to ask your employer (Data Controller) to provide you with a copy of your report.

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