An Astute Investment

Apart from the various legislative obligations on the use of appropriate occupational health advice, you can inspire loyalty and commitment in your staff and improve morale by doing so.

Occupational health should not be viewed as a cost, it is an astute investment. The healthier your workforce, the healthier your business. Medmark provides a wide range of occupational healthcare services aimed primarily at protecting the health and wellbeing of employees.

Occupational Health Brochure

Our Services:

Our occupational physicians and health & safety advisors have unrivalled experience. Our lead physicians are recognised by the Irish Medical Council as specialists in occupational medicine, are fully qualified and are fellows of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians.

Our main occupational healthcare services include:

Pre – placement Health Screenings

Our aim is to ensure that the candidate is fit for the specific work tasks. Our focus is to assess the candidate’s fitness to do the job, and to ensure that they can work safely without causing damage to their health or to that of other employees. We will advise on any work modifications required to enable the candidate to perform the job safely and effectively.

The candidate may be assessed either through our online pre-employment assessment forms (available on our website) or by undertaking a full medical assessment at one of our nationwide, fully-equipped medical centres.

Occupational Health Assessments

We carry out independent assessments of employees’ fitness in relation to work.

  • Assessments of medical fitness to be at work
  • Assessment of medical fitness to return to work following absence due to illness or injury
  • Assessments where work may be causing health problems or health may be interfering with work
  • Ill health retirement assessments
Absence Management

A proactive approach to absence management focussing on early intervention will have positive benefits for both employees and management. This model has been shown to reduce the direct and indirect costs of employee absence while providing professional support for both employee and employer.

This approach includes:

  • Interpretation of medical certificates
  • Assessment of the long term absentee
  • Assessment of the repeat absentee
  • Regular review and monitoring
  • Early referral for rehabilitation
  • Communication with other medical advisors
Health Surveillance

Medmark aims to ensure the on-going health and well-being of staff exposed to identified occupational hazards. We help, through regular monitoring, with prevention of illness and with the early detection of occupational illness.

This type of surveillance includes:

  • Medicals for hazardous occupations
  • Medical fitness to drive and to operate machinery
  • VDU eye and eye sight tests
  • Hearing conservation programmes
  • Respiratory and skin surveillance
  • Biological monitoring
  • Night worker assessments
Risk assessment

Workplaces must be assessed for health and safety hazards. As occupational physicians we are focused on identifying situations where safety concerns increase the risk of accidents or ill-health.

The type of assessments and programmes include:

  • Walk – through hazard identification
  • Risk assessments
  • Advice on Occupational Hygiene programmes
  • Occupational health audits
  • Advice on occupational health and safety policies
Health Promotion

The promotion of a healthier lifestyle by staff is encouraged as it will have a positive impact on both employees and company health.

We provide information on

  • Nutrition
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stress management
  • Healthy lifestyle
Health Screening

The provision of regular health screening can identify early health warning signs and enable early preventative/therapeutic measures to be implemented. Our nationwide medical centres are fully equipped to provide comprehensive health screening services.

Legislative Updates

We provide information and advice on relevant legislative changes that are vital to ensure that your corporate responsibilities are met. Medmark can keep you informed of your obligations under health and safety legislation.