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  Circular 054/2019 Sick Leave Scheme for Teachers  »
(includes the Employers Procedures Manual)

  Circular 0060/2019 Sick Leave Scheme for Special Needs Asssistants »
(includes the Employers Procedures Manual)

   Department of Education Website »


Pre-Employment forms for Teachers & SNAs     Referral forms for Employers

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Employee Assistance Service

The Employee Assistance Service is provided by Spectrum Life.

How do I access the EAS?

The EAS is accessible through the dedicated Free-phone Confidential Helpline at 1800 411 057 and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Alternatively, text ‘Hi’ to 087 369 0010 to avail of EAS support on SMS & WhatsApp.

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Common Referral Queries – Occupational Health Referral

Your Medical Examination Information

You may be requested to attend an Occupational Health Assessment and may have a number of questions regarding this. This introduction answers some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Medmark Team on 021-4550455.

  Why have I been referred to the OHS?
Your file has been referred to the OHS by your employer for the purpose of an independent review of your health in relation to work.

  Will I have to present for assessment?
Not in all instances. The OHS will decide if medical assessment is appropriate.

  If required to attend for assessment, who am I about to attend?
You will attend an Occupational Health Practitioner – whose area of interest is work, health, ability and disability and any circumstances where work and health interfere with each other.

  What is involved in an Occupational Health Assessment?
It is likely the Occupational Health Physician has been sent a referral note by your employer asking him/her to address certain issues relating to your health and fitness for work. The Occupational Health Physician will start the assessment by discussing your role in school and your occupational history and will then proceed to assess the reason for your referral, the nature of your medical complaints and associated work absence. At the end of the history taking, if it’s appropriate the Occupational Health Physician may do a physical examination.

  What about the confidentiality of my medical history?
Everything that goes on in the assessment is entirely confidential, between you and the Occupational Health Practitioner. You can tell the Occupational Health Practitioner anything you like during this assessment and you may be reassured that nothing will be disclosed to any other party without your consent. In the report to the employer the OHS will not disclose personal of confidential information. The OHS does however provide an opinion and relevant details including fitness for work and necessary restrictions and accommodation in the workplace.

  What do I need to bring with me to the medical?
Please bring with you the name of any medication you are taking, details of your GP and hospital Specialist, copies of any letters written to your GP by the Specialist, if you have them.

  What format will the report take?
The Occupational Health Practitioner will write a report to your employer that will include, recommendations regarding your fitness for work and likely timescale of return to work and any adjustments/restrictions required. This will help your employer to know how to accommodate your needs in the workplace.

  Can I have a copy of the report?
You may request a copy from your employer or you may request a copy of the report on applying in writing to Medmark, citing the Data Protection Act.

  Can I bring someone with me?
Yes, you are welcome to take a friend or relative with you should you so wish.

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