Occupational Hygiene Service

Medmark is Ireland’s largest occupational healthcare provider with clinics nationwide. Our team of specialist Physicians and Occupational Health Nurses offer a wide range of occupational health services. In addition, and to compliment these services, we now offer a range of occupational hygiene services;

  • Hazard Identification
  • Chemical Exposure Monitoring
  • Occupational Noise Assessment
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Review of Current Practice
  • Practical and Strategic Advice

Medmark’s Occupational Hygienist can contribute to the multidisciplinary team approach by helping your organisation protect the health of your employees. This is achieved through identifying potential hazards, evaluating risks and recommending appropriate and effective control measures.

Protect the health of your employees

Occupational hygiene works by combining technical measurement with observation of employees in their respective roles. Exposure levels are then compared to current legislative values. Using the hierarchy of control, a systematic problem-solving approach is applied to determine appropriate hazard management to reduce employee exposure and risk. Management measures may also be discussed to facilitate maintenance of controls and periodic review.

We work with organisations and their health & safety teams. We can provide a range of support, be it from a specific bespoke one-off assessment through to fulfilling the role of an in-house occupational hygiene service with regular on-site attendance.




For more information and/or to discuss any occupational hygiene requirements please contact James at...

E. james.odriscoll@medmark.ie
T. 061 210389 / 087 3563533

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